What are the Keys to Success in Buying and Selling Timeshare?

1. Pricing: Remember, most people who buy vacation ownership on the resale market are already owners who are looking for a timeshare to be priced aggressively. In saying that, if you do not price your vacation property along the guidelines we suggest, your chances are slim that you will get any offers and your program will remain unsold.

2. Exposure: We are positioned in an extremely high-traffic resort town on the main highway to give us maximum exposure to the buying and selling communities.

3. Financing: We can provide financing for as little as $50 per month.

4. Incentives: When you purchased your vacation ownership did they provide you with incentives to buy on that day? We offer our customers incentives to purchase from us as well to spur decision-making and commitment.

5. Sales People: We are not just a “listing” company, but instead the only Full-Service Timeshare Resale Organization. Not only do you get tremendous exposure on our highly-visited destination website, but you deal directly with sales agents on site, who help match buyers to sellers and facilitate the purchase process. No other resale organization works with clients in a one-on-one, personal manner, driving successful transactions on timeshare properties.